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The Ring in Tilting

The Ring in Tilting.jpg The Unearthing of a FoxThumbnailsSword-DanceThe Unearthing of a FoxThumbnailsSword-DanceThe Unearthing of a FoxThumbnailsSword-Dance

Tilting or, as it is most commonly called, running at the ring, was also a fashionable pastime in former days; the ring is evidently derived from the quintain, and indeed the sport itself is frequently called running or tilting at the quintain.

In the figure is the form of the ring, with the sheath, and the manner in which it was attached to the upright supporter, from Pluvinel. The letter A indicates the ring detached from the sheath; B represents the sheath with the ring inserted and attached to the upright post, in which there are several holes to raise or lower the ring to suit the conveniency of the performer.

The Sports and Pastimes of the People of England from the Earliest Period to the Present Time
By Joseph Strutt
Published 1845
Available from gutenberg.org