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Black Tern, Adult

Black Tern, Adult.jpg Double-crested Cormorant, Breeding PlumageThumbnailsCommon Tern, AdultDouble-crested Cormorant, Breeding PlumageThumbnailsCommon Tern, Adult

Chlidonias nigra surinamensis (Gmelin)
Other Name.—Marsh Tern.

Description.—Size small; tail short, forked. Adults in summer: Head and underparts black, save under tail-coverts, which are white; upperparts gray; bill and feet red. Adults in winter and immature: White, with pearl-gray back and wings and dusky spots on head; bill and feet dusky. Length: 10 inches.

Range in Pennsylvania.—Irregular as a migrant throughout the Commonwealth; more frequently seen than other Terns about marshes and on small bodies of water; usually seen between April 25 and September 30. Though it is thus to be seen in midsummer irregularly, it is not known to nest in Pennsylvania at the present time.

An Introduction to the Birds of Pennsylvania
By George Miksch Sutton
Published in 1928
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Sunday 30 May 2021