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Fortress of the mole

Fortress of the mole.jpg "Earth" of the FoxThumbnailsA Cats Eye"Earth" of the FoxThumbnailsA Cats Eye"Earth" of the FoxThumbnailsA Cats Eye

Of all the mammalia, the Mole is entitled to take first place in our list of burrowers.

This extraordinary animal does not merely dig tunnels in the ground and sit at the end of them, but forms a complicated subterranean dwelling-place, with chambers, passages, and other arrangements of wonderful completeness. It has regular roads leading to its feeding grounds; establishes a system of communication as elaborate as that of a modern railway, or to be more correct, as that of the subterranean network of metropolitan sewers; and is an animal of varied accomplishments.

Homes without Hands.
Being a description of the Habitations of animals,classed according to their principle of construction.
By Rev. J.G. Wood
Published 1866
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