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"Earth" of the Fox

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Mother fox bringing food to its young.

The fox is a well-known burrower, its "earth" being familiar to many by by sight, and to all by name.

Few persons, who do not know the history of the fox, would believe it to be capable of forming excavations of such extent. The fore feet of the mole are clearly formed for digging, their sharp claws penetrating the earth, their broad palms acting as shovels, and their powerful muscles giving the needful force. These limbs are essentially used for digging, and are but little employed as means of locomotion.
But the fox is an admirable runner, as any hunter can avouch, and its fore limbs are formed for speed and endurance, their length enduing them with the one quality, and their muscular lightness with the other. Yet, just as the digging limbs of the mole are used fr locomotion, and enable the animal to proceed at no contemptible speed, so the running limbs of the fox are used for digging, and e nable the creature to excavate burrows of no contemptible dimensions.

Homes without Hands.
Being a description of the Habitations of animals,classed according to their principle of construction.
By Rev. J.G. Wood
Published 1866
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