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Vielle.jpg Carillon, NetherlandsThumbnailsThe minstrels’ gallery, at Exeter cathedralCarillon, NetherlandsThumbnailsThe minstrels’ gallery, at Exeter cathedral

The woodcut represents a very beautiful vielle; French, of about 1550, with monograms of Henry II. This is at South Kensington.

The contrivance of placing a string or two at the side of the finger-board is evidently very old, and was also gradually adopted on other instruments of the violin class of a somewhat later period than that of the vielle; for instance, on the lira di braccio of the Italians. It was likewise adopted on the lute, to obtain a fuller power in the bass; and hence arose the theorbo, the archlute, and other varieties of the old lute.

Musical Instruments
Written by Carl Engel
Published in 1875
Available from gutenberg.org